HSA Certification

HSA has awarded Provisional Authorization to Camtech's COVID-19 Antigen kit

Singapore's Health Science Authority (HSA) has awarded Camtech Provisional Authorization for the company's viral antigen detection kit.

This test is using fluorescent immunochromatography to detect SARS-CoV-2 virus particles from throat or nasopharyngeal swabs. In less than 20 minutes healthcare professionals can determine a patient's COVID-19 infection status with high confidence.

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Camtech helps Motor Yacht White Rabbit protect its staff and customers

Ensuring the safety of staff and customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic remains a challenge, especially, for small businesses. Having a robust and affordable test for COVID-19 that can be deployed anywhere ensures more small businesses can actively engage in controlling the spread of the disease.

Camtech’s HSA and CE IVD certified kits have been pivotal in helping small businesses such as the Motor Yacht White Rabbit protect its staff and customers. White Rabbit who own the largest trimaran superyacht had this to say about Camtech’s IgM & IgG Antibody Rapid test.

See the Acknowledgement from the Yacht's Registered Nurse here.

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Responding to COVID-19?

Camtech offers free asset tracking for all hospitals, care providers and support services responding to the COVID-19 pandemic through Redbite's itemit service.

Use itemit for free in your response against COVID-19. Track assets, equipment, machinery and PPE. Monitor inventory levels and track equipment location, condition and status.

See more details at itemit.com

Singapore’s Camtech, JN Medsys to increase production of COVID-19 test kits

Camtech and JN Medsys Ramp Up Production of Health Sciences Authority-Approved COVID-19 PCR and Rapid Test Kits (excerpt)

Two Singapore firms, Camtech Diagnostics Pte. Ltd. (“Camtech Diagnostics”) and JN Medsys Pte. Ltd. (“JN Medsys”), have obtained provisional authorisation from the Health Sciences Authority (“HSA”), the Singapore authority regulating health products, for two COVID-19 test kits. Camtech Diagnostics is the research and product development arm of Camtech Holdings Pte. Ltd. (“Camtech”), a local technology company. Camtech is also an investor in JN Medsys, a local life science firm.

Camtech Diagnostics’ COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Qualitative Screening Test” (“Rapid Test”) detects for the antibodies immunoglobulin M (lgM) and immunoglobulin G (IgG) in serum, plasma and whole blood of those infected with COVID-19. The test provides results in 10 minutes without specialised equipment or laboratory-trained personnel. This makes it a quick and easy tool for assisting in the screening and identification of asymptomatic carriers during this COVID-19 outbreak, although it should not be used for confirmatory testing, or as the sole basis of a diagnosis. The company is also carrying out further development to enable more sensitive detection at an earlier point post-infection than current IgM/IgG tests.

Camtech Diagnostics and JN Medsys had previously received Spring Singapore innovation grant funding as well as private investment from local angel investors.

Dr Kuok Meng-Han, Founder and Managing Director of Camtech, said, “The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the urgent requirement of various countries globally for diagnostic tests to identify the presence of the virus and antibodies in the blood. Our complementary test kits cover the spectrum from accurate lab-based methods to rapid, point-of-care tests, crucial to helping control and contain the spread of the disease.”

He added, “We are now planning to expand manufacturing in Singapore for both kits in order to meet the projected demand. Our background in developing high-end molecular and point-of-care diagnostic tests enabled us to use these platforms to rapidly develop and supply COVID-19 tests. On a broader note, the fast turnaround to develop these kits is also testament to Singapore’s long term investment in life science capabilities, which has built up a vibrant ecosystem of private and public labs as well as biotechnology companies that can quickly develop products which are critical during this time of need.”

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